Thursday, 4 December 2014

Screen Cleaning Software That Electronically Cleans Your Computer Screen

Clean your screen with the click of a button...

Electronic dust removal could soon replace
more old fashioned cleaning methods.
Prometheus Ultimate Games, more famous for some of their Android apps, such as Aardvaark Mountain and Suitcase Adventures, have recently expanded into the Windows market, with the launch of a ground-breaking new utility.  The app cleverly removes the need to manually clean your computer screen and instead does the job for you electronically.

The 'screen cleaning' software uses a pioneering new technique which utilises electromagnetic pulses and rapid frequency changes to trigger specially co-ordinated colour changes to be implemented in quick succession.  To describe it in more everyday terms, a kaleidoscope of controlled colourful imagery is shown on your computer screen and the resulting frequency emissions disperse dust and dirt from your screen.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

'Calorie Negative' Diet Meals Set To Revolutionise Modern Diets

Eat yourself slim could soon be about to become a reality!

Drilimba fruit: A calorie negative food.
With the prevalence of image conscious marketing in today's media, the pressure to get fit and stay slim is perhaps stronger than ever.  However, thanks to recent natural discoveries, combined with developments in food separation technologies, losing weight may just be about to get that little bit easier.  If the prospect of 'calorie negative' meals sounds appealing then read on to discover more...

. . . . . . . .

For decades anthropologists had observed the Bandia Kabila tribe from the hilly northern regions of Peru and wondered how they managed to stay so slim given their notoriously indulgent diets and the distinct lack of exercise from their daily routines.  The answer was eventually uncovered when it was discovered that the drilimba fruit, which makes up a significant part of the Bandia Kabila tribe diet, requires more energy for the human stomach to digest it than the fruit actually contains!  So in effect every time you eat a portion of drilimba fruit you get a net calorie intake of -26 calories!*

* Figures relate to an average sized drilimba fruit sample and are taken from the University of Central Wisconsin report published in August 2012.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Wave Power Delivered To Your Home By Wifi

Tidal Power which produces free 'wifi' energy for life!

Harnessing the power of waves to power homes via 'wifi'.
With the ever increasing costs of energy these days (both financial and environmental), there's an urgent necessity for governments and scientists to come up with alternative, and more efficient, methods of energy production.  Occasionally, some of these have been met with disapproval or even controversy, but one alternative in the works has so far been met with only positive noises.

Wave Inc, an alternative energy company based in North West Australia have been working on an energy recovery system which harnesses the power of the ocean in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.  Of course collecting energy from tidal motion is nothing new, but Wave Inc's patented TECU (tidal energy collection unit) system has three distinct advantages over its fore-runners; namely;