Thursday, 4 December 2014

Screen Cleaning Software That Electronically Cleans Your Computer Screen

Clean your screen with the click of a button...

Electronic dust removal could soon replace
more old fashioned cleaning methods.
Prometheus Ultimate Games, more famous for some of their Android apps, such as Aardvaark Mountain and Suitcase Adventures, have recently expanded into the Windows market, with the launch of a ground-breaking new utility.  The app cleverly removes the need to manually clean your computer screen and instead does the job for you electronically.

The 'screen cleaning' software uses a pioneering new technique which utilises electromagnetic pulses and rapid frequency changes to trigger specially co-ordinated colour changes to be implemented in quick succession.  To describe it in more everyday terms, a kaleidoscope of controlled colourful imagery is shown on your computer screen and the resulting frequency emissions disperse dust and dirt from your screen.

In truth, giving your laptop screen a quick rub every few days isn't the most labour intensive task in the world, but part of the appeal of the Prometheus screen cleaning software comes from watching the visual colour changes of the software in action.  It's an impressive effect, and in fact as well as dispersing grease and dust, the imagery can be quite soothing and relaxing to watch.

An Android version is next on the cards for Prometheus, so tablet users will soon also be able to experience the visual screen cleaning effect.  However, if you're using a tablet and don't want to wait, then Prometheus claim that even the current Windows optimised version will work to a degree even with Android tablets and devices.

On the whole, the Prometheus screen cleaning utility is a great tool to know about, and even if your screen is already spotless, then I would still recommend checking it out purely to experience the cool visuals which the software creates.

Click on the following link to test the technology for yourself and give your computer screen an 'electronic wash'.
Prometheus Ultimate Games screen cleaning utility

Please note, Prometheus' screen cleaning software doesn’t actually exist.  The 'pug' website is just a video loop (created by a totally cool but unknown programmer), and it doesn't actually clean your computer screen.  This story is not real and is entirely made up.  Prometheus Ultimate Games is actually a fake name used to create the acronymn of P.U.G.

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