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Kinetic Capture™ Insoles: The Ideal Gadget For Fitness Fanatics Who Want To Help The Environment

Kinetic Capture™ – Running shoe insoles that store the kinetic energy as you run and then use this power to charge up your iPhone / iPod.

Kinetic Capture™ insoles can be used with any pair of running shoes.
The idea behind the ‘Kinetic Capture™’ insoles is simple.  Insert them in a regular pair of training shoes and then every time you go for a run the insoles ‘capture’ the energy you create while you jog which can then later be used to charge up an iPhone or iPod.

It’s a great idea and although the technology behind these insoles is by no means perfected yet, they nevertheless are a very worthy accessory for anyone who fancies an alternative source to power their iPhone or iPod, not to mention the chance to do their bit to save the planet.

The promotional literature from the makers ‘Green Future Solutions’ tells you that for best results you should use the insoles on a firm surface such as a pavement, as opposed to running on a softer surface like grass for example.  Apparently this is because the energy collected by the Kinetic Capture™ system comes from the impact of each step hitting the ground, and obviously running on grass or other soft surfaces softens this impact.  This wasn’t a problem in my case as my standard jogging route takes me along roads and paths, but it would be something to consider for some joggers, and a minor irritation for myself if I ever fancied heading off on an alternative more scenic route one day.

By a similar rationale, Green Future Solutions also point out that the energy collected while walking is negligible for the obvious reason that the impact from each walking step is significantly lower when compared to the relatively heavier impact caused while jogging.

Enough of the waffle … onto the results.  As both a keen jogger and a regular music listener, I was eager to test out my review pair of ‘Kinetic Capture™’ insoles, and so I immediately set off on a six mile jog and then hooked the insoles' connection unit up to my iPod as soon as I got home.  On completion of the charge I found the insoles had achieved roughly a sixty percent charge.  Not a mind-blowing figure by any means but still more than reasonable nonetheless.  As this was achieved from a six mile run, simple maths tells you that a full charge would require a ten mile jog.

For effective results, the Kinetic Capture™ insoles
should be used on a hard surface, rather than grass.
However, I was supplied with the version 1.02 beta model, and Green Future Solutions assure me that by the time the launch version is available (pencilled in for October 2013) they will have improved the efficiency of their Kinetic Capture™ system by up to twenty percent.  Whether they achieve this goal remains to be seen, but even at the current rate of efficiency the Kinetic Capture™ insoles are still a handy piece of equipment to have for any iPhone or iPod owners who also like to keep fit.

There are, however, a few minor issues that I should perhaps point out. 

I mentioned earlier that a simple mathematical calculation suggests that a full charge will require a ten mile run.  However, for some weird scientific reason (which I have to admit I don’t fully understand) this isn’t quite the case.  As things stand apparently the Kinetic Capture™ system requires more energy to charge the final ten percent of the battery pack fitted in the insoles, so by my estimations that means that once you go over nine miles you’ll find a law of decreasing returns in the amount of charge you get from your run.

However, all things considered this is a relatively minor quibble as a ninety percent charge is still more than generous in practical terms.  Not to mention the fact that for runners like myself, the chances of me ever running over nine miles are fairly negligible in any case!

Another point worth mentioning is that for best results the makers advise that you should charge your iPhone / iPod immediately on completing your run, as this is when the battery pack will be at its most charged (apparently the current version of the system leaks charge at a noticeably faster rate than standard batteries).  Again though, this is another minor quibble and power leakage is true to some degree of all battery packs.

Comfortwise I didn’t find a problem with the insoles.  I have to admit they were noticeable when I first set off, but within a few hundred metres I had completely forgotten they were there.  Overall, I have to give the makers a big thumbs up for the way they have successfully incorporated the Kinetic Capture™ system into their insoles in such a way that you can barely notice it once you are off into your stride.

Unfortunately, a recommended retail price hasn’t been announced yet but Green Future Solutions assure me that they will be aiming for an affordable price point.  That all sounds a bit vague to me so I’d hold tight for further pricing information before making a decision to purchase, but if they achieve their goal and can get these on the market at a reasonable price then the Kinetic Capture™ insoles are a product which I would heartily recommend without hesitation.

Scroll down for details on how to contact Green Future Solutions for further information regarding their ‘Kinetic Capture’ insole system.

Please note, Kinetic Capture insoles don't actually exist.  This story is not real and is entirely made up.

Not suitable for prudes or squares.
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  1. Cool this insole does seem worth buying but they wont break will they these insoles because your constantly wearing them?

  2. I love this technology!!
    Great article and test. What is the lifespan of these insoles?
    Also, I think readers should be aware that the last 10 to 20 percent of a charging a mobile device tends to take longer, even on country power outlets. So maybe it would take 16 to 20 miles to fully charge.

    1. Yeah, kinetic insoles are a brilliant piece of technology.

      Sadly though, if you had scrolled down to the bottom of the page you would have noticed that they're not real, so unfortunately I can't comment on their lifespan, as the insoles are totally fictitious.