Thursday, 18 October 2012

Creating A Miniature Sun Here On Earth...

Is the answer to Earth’s energy problems less than a decade away?

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction but scientists in Toronto believe they may finally have come up with the solution to the Earth’s energy problems.  Their ambitious energy plans involve recreating a miniature version of the Sun here on Earth and then harnessing the energy created from the resulting nuclear fusion to provide power for homes and businesses all around Canada.

Recreating the sun on Earth: Could the STAR Project
be the answer to the world's energy problems?

Of course scientists have been able to create nuclear fusion on Earth for decades now but current fusion methods require more energy to initiate the process than is ultimately produced.  This ‘negative net energy gain’* has therefore so far meant that for the time being at least nuclear fusion has had no practical use as a source of energy.

* Or an ‘energy loss’ as we ordinary non-scientific people would refer to it.

However, scientists working on the STAR* Project at the Institute of Practical Plasma Applications in Toronto believe that, in theory at least, they may finally be able to solve the ‘negative net energy gain’ problem by recreating a miniature star here on Earth which would be capable of recreating nuclear fusion on such a large scale that the ultimate energy output would at last outweigh the enormous amounts of energy necessary to initiate the fusion process.

* Or the ‘Sun Themed Astroscopic Replica’ Project, to give it its full title.