Thursday, 30 August 2012

Kinetic Capture™ Insoles: The Ideal Gadget For Fitness Fanatics Who Want To Help The Environment

Kinetic Capture™ – Running shoe insoles that store the kinetic energy as you run and then use this power to charge up your iPhone / iPod.

Kinetic Capture™ insoles can be used with any pair of running shoes.
The idea behind the ‘Kinetic Capture™’ insoles is simple.  Insert them in a regular pair of training shoes and then every time you go for a run the insoles ‘capture’ the energy you create while you jog which can then later be used to charge up an iPhone or iPod.

It’s a great idea and although the technology behind these insoles is by no means perfected yet, they nevertheless are a very worthy accessory for anyone who fancies an alternative source to power their iPhone or iPod, not to mention the chance to do their bit to save the planet.

The promotional literature from the makers ‘Green Future Solutions’ tells you that for best results you should use the insoles on a firm surface such as a pavement, as opposed to running on a softer surface like grass for example.  Apparently this is because the energy collected by the Kinetic Capture™ system comes from the impact of each step hitting the ground, and obviously running on grass or other soft surfaces softens this impact.  This wasn’t a problem in my case as my standard jogging route takes me along roads and paths, but it would be something to consider for some joggers, and a minor irritation for myself if I ever fancied heading off on an alternative more scenic route one day.