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The 'Pokie Buster 3000' featuring Mechanical And Digital Predictive Technology™

“So effective the Australian Association Of Pokie Manufacturers tried to get us banned!”

Hit the jackpot on pokies/fruit machines with the 'Pokie Buster 3000'
featuring Mechanical and Digital Predictive Technology.
The above quote is the proud boast found in Competitive Edge Inc's promotional literature which accompanies their recently released 'Pokie Buster 3000', a clever hi-tech gadget designed to aid gamblers with the use of its Mechanical and Digital Predictive Technology™, or M.D.P.T. for short.

So what is Mechanical and Digital Predictive Technology™ all about?  Basically it’s a multi-sensory patented system featured in the Pokie Buster 3000 which incorporates a low range frequency electromagnetic camera, motion sensors and other secret electronic wizardry (the legality of which has been questioned by the Australian Association of Pokie Manufacturers … hence Competitive Edge’s proud opening boast), that claims to be able to analyse the workings of any pokie machine (or fruit machine for the benefit of our British readers) and thus predict when the machine is more likely to pay out.

The makers, Competitive Edge Incorporated, claim an 80% prediction accuracy after only ten minutes analysis.  In reality, however, I suspect these figures are somewhat exaggerated.  On my experience I was getting approximately 60% prediction accuracy and even after twenty minutes analysis this only went up to roughly 65%.  However, this still makes for a decent return on your money.  The 'Pokie Buster 3000' currently retails at AUS$199 (£132.76 at today’s exchange rate) so even with a 65% prediction accuracy you should be able to recover your initial outlay pretty quickly.

As for the moral aspect of using such a product, some people will no doubt declare the use of M.D.P.T. highly dubious.  Competitive Edge argue though, that you’re not manipulating the results of the fruit machine at all, so they don’t see a problem.  You’re simply using M.D.P.T. to predict which machines are more likely to pay out.  In effect your winnings come at the expense of other punters, rather than at the expense of the owners of the pokie machines.  Whether you or someone else is lucky enough to be the one to cash in makes no difference to the fruit machine owners, and so in the long run their ultimate profits are unaffected.

Mechanical and Digital Predictive Technology can
predict which pokies/fruit machines are more likely to pay out.
Competitive Edge Inc. are keen to stress that using M.D.P.T. does not eliminate the risk that comes with playing pokie machines entirely.  As already mentioned, in my experience the device had only a 65% success rate so simple maths tells you that 35% of the time you will still lose out.  Nonetheless the odds are still sufficiently stacked in your favour to ensure that provided you’re willing to play over a sustained period of time then in the long run you should end up in profit.

However, as already hinted at, the Australian Association of Pokie Manufacturers (A.A.P.M.) claim that some elements of the technology used in the device are in fact illegal and they are therefore currently pursuing legal action in an attempt to force Competitive Edge to be more open about the exact specifics of the technology used in their device.

In response, Competitive Edge claim that this is just sour grapes on the part of the A.A.P.M. and they insist that all parts used in the production of their products are entirely legal.  They also claim that other uses for M.D.P.T. could perhaps be developed in future which could be of greater use to society.  This would be a compelling argument, if not for the fact that they don’t specify what these alternative uses are.

With a hearing date not due for several months yet, it looks like this is one saga which is likely to have many more twists and turns before the story is resolved, so my advice would be if you want to take advantage of M.D.P.T. then do so as soon as possible while you are still legally able to do so.

For further details on how to purchase a Pokie Buster 3000 (featuring Mechanical and Digital Predictive Technology™), scroll down the page.

Please note, the Pokie Buster 3000 featuring Mechanical And Digital Predictive Technology™ doesn’t actually exist.  This story is not real and is entirely made up.

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