Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Footprints On The Moon

Video evidence of the Apollo Moon landings.

This week Tomorrow's Technology Today reports on the 'Footprints On The Moon' video recently released by ASEC (Asian Space Exploration Coalition).  The footage was recorded by the Itazura 4 Moon Rover at the site of the Apollo Moon landings, and appears to show evidence of footprints on the Moon.

It looks therefore like conspiracy theorists finally have an answer to the question, "Did man really walk on the moon?"  It would seem the answer, as all non-paranoid people already knew, is an unequivocal 'yes'.

Unfortunately, due to a failure of the visible light generator (or a 'torch' as non-scientific people would call it) the visibility flicks in and out, and in fact recorded footage was only possible at all due to the mission coinciding with unusually high X-class solar flare activity (registered at X2.2).  This solar activity, combined with digital enhancement once the recordings were back on Earth, has allowed footage to be released which, although far from ideal, nevertheless definitely seems to show the very noticeable outline of footprints.

The footage was recorded by the Itazura 4 Moon Rover, which was designed as a prototype exploratory probe.  It's successor Itazura 5, will feature enhanced architectonics, including superior optical recording capabilities.  Video footage from the Itazura 5 mision is therefore expected to be sharper and less grainy.  Expect it to be released later this year.

Scroll down the page for details on how to get the latest updates on the Itazura 5 mission...

As was probably obvious, the 'Footprints On The Moon' video wasn't actually recorded on the Moon.  It was recorded at Loh Dalum Bay on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand at night when the tide was out.  This article and video is intended as a daft silly prank, and in fact 'itazura' is Japanese for 'prank'.

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  1. Excellent. This is posted as "proof" that man walked on the moon but what it actually does is raise further questions... whoops. It looks like conspiracy theorists might be right after all... and that those desperate to prove otherwise are still clutching at straws after almost 50 years!

    1. Read the explanation at the bottom of the article...

      Sorry you got angry, but you missed the point of the article. It's not trying to prove or disprove anything. It's just a joke!